Piraeus 1911

Piraeus, the harbor, neoclassical buildings and old neighborhoods with the intense fragrance of a glorious past. In one of these neighborhoods, just a bit above the harbor, we have picked out a magnificent stone-built building of industrial aesthetics, constructed in 1911. Its history is interesting and grand, as it began as a power plant, to be later transformed into a pottery and then a soap factory, ending up being used as a simple storage space. We were fascinated by its perfectly maintained chimney - which reaches 37 meters in height, one of the highest in all of Athens and Piraeus - as well as with the beauty and the imposing feeling the stone emanates. As such, we decided without a second thought to breathe new life into this marvelous building, transforming it into a unique cultural venue for the organization of events. Combining the aesthetic values and architecture of the 19th century with contemporary aesthetics, a striking result came to surface.

"Piraeus 1911" impresses with its personality, elegance and discreet luxury, without being deprived of comfort and functionality - values that make it the ideal choice for high quality and high quality events. The space provides the following services and capabilities:
Capacity: 350 seated, 700 upright, 500 school-class.

Types of events: Social and cultural events, banquets, corporate events, product presentations, exhibitions, seminars, workshops.
Services: Full audiovisual & conference coverage, collaboration with selected catering, music coverage, live music, special effects, children's entertainment & games.

The Greek wedding feast has a long history; as rich as the history of this unique stone hall in Piraeus, located just a bit above the harbor. Built in the late 1900s, when trade and industry flourished in Piraeus, it has functioned as a power plant, a ceramic factory and even a soap factory. It is a unique industrial architectural monument and is an excellent example of the history and culture of the greater Piraeus and Athens area. Today, renovated with great care and love, the Piraeus 1911 banquet hall is now an exclusive venue for hosting events, combining elegance and historical elements with functionality. Here, the architecture of the 19th century is dominant, enhanced with special touches of modern decorative trends, through the beauty, power and energy that natural stone emanates. Now, Piraeus possesses a truly great cultural area, marking the renaissance of a region that recalls centuries-old memories.

Whatever the concept you have imagined for the official premiere of your new life, "Piraeus 1911" offers you the elegance that suits the occasion. We invite you to visit us and, if you find that the space meets your aesthetic values, we will be delighted to design your own unique wedding celebration, according to your taste that will give your special to your menu, your cake, music, decoration and wherever else you need, without costing you a fortune.
Thermopilon 30
185 45 Peiraias

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